Clique isn't just a party. It's a movement, a culture, a lifestyle. It's a challenge to live every day with a creative and innovative spirit. Our clothing reflects this spirit. Designers Marillia and Debora offer an array of eye-catching patterns and images that characterize the Clique Experience.

The Techno and House collections illustrate the unifying, animated spirit of the music that is the backbone of the movement. The Conscious line demonstrates our commitment to live with open minds and open hearts - to take only as much as we need from this Earth and to give back at every opportunity. The Moments are introduced at each Clique event for that night only. These pieces specifically depict the music, art, and energy if that Clique Experience. Keep your eye out for these exclusive offerings.


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For the traditionalists, the Classic Collection is always in style! A fresh version of the line coming up this summer, with softer fabrics and cleaner cuts. Stay tuned!

Like what you see? You can purchase these items and show your support for the Movement. All of our collections are available at Clique events. Experience the Clique culture. Share the experience. Share the memories. Be a part of It.