Urban Jungle - The Journey


Urban Jungle - The Journey

"Concret Jungle" (Masp at Avenida Paulista in São Paulo city, Brazil)

"Concret Jungle" (Masp at Avenida Paulista in São Paulo city, Brazil)

urban jungle (ur-buh n | juhng-g uh l) - non | ur.ban jun.gle | adjective

The term refers to an URBAN LIFESTYLE, "the street", alleyways, the subway system, inner-city neighborhoods, playgrounds, skate parks, industrial areas, buildings, "the hood", "the Concrete Jungle". 

And it gives birth to UNDERGROUND CULTURE, street ART, urban MUSIC.  

Maybe a dangerous, bewilderingly complex, and fast-paced urban environment; an urban area characterized by ruthless competition, struggle, exploitation, hustle. Or intelligent urbanism: giving rise to equilibrium, sustainable living, urban and nature combined. 

Clique is approaching its three-years presence in the San Diego underground scene. 

During this time, we precisely sought just that: Presence. And now, with our anniversary coming up, we have the final showcase of our very first series: The Urban Jungle

Our first two years were about discovering who we were as an artistic project, the paths we wanted to go, what kind of impact we wanted to cause, and how we would do that. We went on a journey of self-discovering a group with one ultimate goal in mind: to propagate art that inspires and moves us.

It was made clear to us that the journey was also the destination; that what we sought was the movement; and that we would experience a constant metamorphosis that keeps us re-inventing ourselves and the art we want to promote. 

The beginning of our third year was made remarkable by the infusion of new ideas to produce and develop a series of events. We added concept to our creativity, which allowed to build stories along with our expedition through the artsy universe where we wanted to be present. 

The first place we looked for inspiration was within our own stories and lives in the Urban Jungle, a representation of the urban habitat in the concrete jungle where we lived. Our challenges, the hustle to survive, the desperate desire to feel alive in our experiences, and our aspirations to find the balance to thrive as individuals and as a community - our own places in the sun. 

The animal kingdom symbolism embodies our desires: The raw and the sublime of our existence on this planet. We reconciled them with the vibrant city life, the social interactions, the shared street creativity, and the urban dance.  

It all started with the T-rex on the XIX edition. It stood for the beginning of times and ruthless survival instincts. It was green, happy, and it danced like there was no tomorrow in the wild when it arrived. But that was just the beginning of the Clique Jungle.

We traveled deep into the waters for our XX edition with the blue fish. The intention then was to honor the icosahedron - the sacred geometric symbol that inspired our logo. It’s a polyhedron with twenty faces that represents water, movement, change and flow.

The poet Henri Amiel proclaimed once “We are all visionaries and what we see is our soul in things”. This phrase inspired us for our XXI edition to connect with the golden owl to represent our vision: Hail to the wisdom in nature and revere the protection of our dreams. 

The XXII edition was full of mysticism and fun with the red fox, an animal the encourages us to trust our senses and that guide us forward.

With our XXIII get-together, we chose the Rhino as a paradox. “Things are not as they seem”. This animal is known for its aggressive behavior, but for the most part, it is a strong yet passive creature that enjoys roaming wide-open spaces in completive solitude. We as humans are very similar to the Rhino as we also live this same paradox while experiencing life. 

Then comes the white elephant with our XXIV gathering - A call for a closer and more open relationship with the people we cherish. The elephant reminded us that mutual support and love enhances our own abilities to thrive in the physical world. The elephant is a family animal that cares for community, and this represents everyone who is supportive with our Clique dreams and who is essential for this project to flourish.


With the XXV edition, the deer characterized endurance and grace. Known for their travel instincts to continue to explore new paths, it’s also an animal connected with the arts, is highly intuitive, and is associated with visionary people. Our deer was purple - the color of the crown chakra that represents transformation, creativity, and spiritual awareness. 

The Halloween season brought us the black panther. The days of the Hallows is a mystic time of the year in many cultures across the world. For centuries it has been a time associated with transformation and open connection with the spiritual realm between the living and the dead. It’s the sign of the winter coming to the north hemisphere. The black panther was an invitation to face and overcome our fears held within our shadows. And then, fearless and elegantly, we would be allowed to shine in the light.

To wrap up our year-long story, we bring the ferocious king of the jungle: the golden lion, an animal who is known for its majestic symbolism. A relentless fighter in the face of life’s challenges, a reminder of our personal power, courage, and strength in overcoming difficulties and a symbol of pride, cooperation, and confidence. 

Clique 3 Years brings straight from Denmark the producer Martinez (Cocoon | Concealed Sounds)

Clique 3 Years brings straight from Denmark the producer Martinez (Cocoon | Concealed Sounds)

These 3 years have truly been an exciting yet very challenging path for us. The Lion is a perfect figure that signifies why we stand tall and proud of everything we’ve achieved together, and the audacity to keep moving forward.   

The Urban Jungle is the first of many stories that Clique wants to create and tell. Being the first, it will forever hold a very dear space in our hearts. We hope it’ll do the same for everyone who shared in our journey - you were part of it.