Con.trast in Ocean Beach

Con.trast is a principle of art based on the arrangement of opposite elements. 

Contrasts are also the inspiration of our new edition, as we aspire to bring the Clique urban lifestyle to Ocean Beach. We’ll talk more about this creative vision, but first things first…

We are entering our fourth year and our goal is to always escape the obvious. Not just with our music or the art we bring to our parties, but also with the places we go with our movement. This constant and evident innovation of spaces became an important characteristic of our project that we joyfully embrace. 

While looking for fresh air, we found The Holding Company with the same desire to innovate and bring something new to Ocean Beach - a very special neighborhood for us already because everything started there, years ago.

OB was the ground where the path of our member crossed. So we fell home!

OB was the ground where the path of our member crossed. So we fell home!

Okay, back to what inspired us, Con.trast is an opportunity to bring together different worlds and different feelings through music. 

Ocean Beach has a vibrant and strong music scene on its roots, however the fresh and organic electronic grooves that Clique wants to bring to the neighborhood will be a contrast to what have being happening there for a long time. Music brings people together- which has always being our ultimate goal! 

Being an area revitalized in the last few years by the growing desire of visionary people to experience something unique, less obvious and intimate, Ocean Beach is a place that feels like a community where people enjoy live in the present. OB it’s not the same as it was years ago; it progressed. The essence will never be lost but the strong sense of community brought to the commerce a renewed feel.  When walking around the streets, we can see all the new craft beer breweries with big windows facing the streets, the local cafes, bistros, restaurants and bars have seeing an increase demand of people blissfully hopping between places, walking the streets and living the moment. 

We are thrilled to add our creativity and music to the pulsing energy of Ocean Beach.

Join the movement next Sunday, April 23rd, 4pm at one of the newest spots at Newport Ave; The Holding Company.

We are ready to dance! #VinylOnly