Say Hello to Clique Fashion!

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On August 8th, the Clique Collective expanded its cultural movement to include . . . Clique Fashion! 

No longer are Clique enthusiasts hemmed into wearing the Collective’s iconic logo on solid backgrounds.  The four new lines, named Techno, House, Conscious, and Moments, are colorful and creative.  Each line, representing one of Cliques main interests, has several styles and prints to choose from.  The Clique logo, though still present in these pieces, gives way as other geometric forms that are more prominently featured. 

Don’t fret Classic Collection wearers!  Though you may see the stocks of your old favorites dwindling in the coming months, be prepared for an updated version of the line this winter, with softer fabrics and cleaner cuts.  Classic Collection 2.0.

Click the link below for a look at our catalog.  If you are interested in purchasing a Clique Fashion item, stop by one of our future events.  You want it NOW you say?  No problem.  The Techno, House, and Conscious Collections are waiting for you at clothing and accessories shop Love & Aesthetics in Little Italy.



Clique Debuts New Fashion Collections

We are excited to introduce our 4 new fashion lines this week!  Those of you who already enjoy our hats and tees will notice a clear and welcome distinction between the Classic line’s minimalist style and the vibrancy of the new House, Techno, Conscious, and limited edition Collection lines.  

These new pieces really show off the many complementary talents of our members, evident in designers Marilla Lazarin and Debora Barreto’s choice to use not only the icosahedron of Clique’s iconic logo, but to incorporate several other geometric shapes as well.  Additionally, the collections’ bright and varying color schemes echo our vision for a vibrant future, transcending merely art and music exhibition.  

In launching all four lines at once, Clique demonstrates its many interests.  Admirers will discover four themed lines, House, Techno, Conscious, and a limited edition Collection, that allow consumers to support those Clique ideals that most deeply resonate with them.  

We hope you love these styles as much as we do!