Artifact Record Store Debuts At Clique World Edition II with Vera (Melliflow)

Clique World Edition II hosts for the first time the visionary and innovative online record store "Artifact". With a superior selection of music, hand-chosen by their staff, the Artifact crew makes a lot easier the search for a good record. Their record inventory has the best of the underground "House" "Techno" & "Minimal" music and at Clique World Edition II, you gonna be able to feel their unique pop-up experience, that last a few hours but definitely worth the trip. 


"It is important to know what motivates others in the community.  Sometimes it is the money.  Sometimes it is the fame.  It feels like those are sort of built in.  However, the facts in this industry have shown if you really want to be a music maker for the rest of your life, you have to do it for the music itself.   

It is difficult to find like-minded people who are passionate about the same things you are.  Rarer still is to find people that are also willing to take the gargantuan risks it takes to reach to be successful in this outrageously complicated and tight-lipped industry. But in our experience, if you treat others with honesty and integrity, you will find people who feel the same way. Then the true journey begins.

Last year, Brian Halo Varga, Paulo Perez, and Julie Chase found that passion and insanity in each other. They began to see a shift in the direction and potential for the future of underground electronic music: analog gear, vinyl sets, and small, intimate parties were regaining popularity in Europe.   

The West Coast soon followed suit, and they began to notice a real ache in the community.  Though Europe had continued to have a robust vinyl culture through the years, the US has continued to lose record stores and manufacturers.  The growing community of vinyl DJs had to order records from overseas.  That meant higher prices and longer wait times.  

Artifact Record Shop was born out of necessity and fueled by a passion to introduce the most influential artists shaping the fabric of underground electronic today.  Their goal is to bring fantastic music right to your doorstep (literally, they deliver it in person).  The store is an e-commerce destination that provides vinyl-only imprints, carefully curated by the staff, with a boutique-like experience.  They also believe that a major role of a record store is to educate people, in this case the young, but fast growing, San Diego scene, with the history, process, and skills it takes to become a global force.

The store is not only online, though.  Artifact also brings their pop-up experience, complete with listening stations to shows around Southern California.  The stores only last a few hours, but are well worth the trip.  You may be asking, “How do I buy records and carry them around all night while I am dancing?”  The guys at Artifact also have a holding service and will keep them safe until you are ready to go home. 

Most of the Artifact pop-ups have been in collaboration with Cyclone LA, a production group in Los Angeles whose style resembles that of the Romanian underground, but can be found in San Diego as well. 

The Artifact Record Shop recently launched TEXTURE, an event focused on showcasing local and international DJs in an intimate setting.  The parties are capped at 200 people and often feature artists from Brian Halo’s new vinyl-only record label, Muted Noise. Of course, you can find the pop-up open for digging.  Keep up with Artifact on Facebook and Instagram to learn about upcoming pop-ups."

At Clique World Edition II you will be able to  enjoy the genius Vera (Melliflow) on the decks while digging through record gems. 

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