Con.trast in Ocean Beach

Con.trast is a principle of art based on the arrangement of opposite elements. 

Contrasts are also the inspiration of our new edition, as we aspire to bring the Clique urban lifestyle to Ocean Beach. We’ll talk more about this creative vision, but first things first…

We are entering our fourth year and our goal is to always escape the obvious. Not just with our music or the art we bring to our parties, but also with the places we go with our movement. This constant and evident innovation of spaces became an important characteristic of our project that we joyfully embrace. 

While looking for fresh air, we found The Holding Company with the same desire to innovate and bring something new to Ocean Beach - a very special neighborhood for us already because everything started there, years ago.

OB was the ground where the path of our member crossed. So we fell home!

OB was the ground where the path of our member crossed. So we fell home!

Okay, back to what inspired us, Con.trast is an opportunity to bring together different worlds and different feelings through music. 

Ocean Beach has a vibrant and strong music scene on its roots, however the fresh and organic electronic grooves that Clique wants to bring to the neighborhood will be a contrast to what have being happening there for a long time. Music brings people together- which has always being our ultimate goal! 

Being an area revitalized in the last few years by the growing desire of visionary people to experience something unique, less obvious and intimate, Ocean Beach is a place that feels like a community where people enjoy live in the present. OB it’s not the same as it was years ago; it progressed. The essence will never be lost but the strong sense of community brought to the commerce a renewed feel.  When walking around the streets, we can see all the new craft beer breweries with big windows facing the streets, the local cafes, bistros, restaurants and bars have seeing an increase demand of people blissfully hopping between places, walking the streets and living the moment. 

We are thrilled to add our creativity and music to the pulsing energy of Ocean Beach.

Join the movement next Sunday, April 23rd, 4pm at one of the newest spots at Newport Ave; The Holding Company.

We are ready to dance! #VinylOnly

Artifact Record Store Debuts At Clique World Edition II with Vera (Melliflow)

Clique World Edition II hosts for the first time the visionary and innovative online record store "Artifact". With a superior selection of music, hand-chosen by their staff, the Artifact crew makes a lot easier the search for a good record. Their record inventory has the best of the underground "House" "Techno" & "Minimal" music and at Clique World Edition II, you gonna be able to feel their unique pop-up experience, that last a few hours but definitely worth the trip. 


"It is important to know what motivates others in the community.  Sometimes it is the money.  Sometimes it is the fame.  It feels like those are sort of built in.  However, the facts in this industry have shown if you really want to be a music maker for the rest of your life, you have to do it for the music itself.   

It is difficult to find like-minded people who are passionate about the same things you are.  Rarer still is to find people that are also willing to take the gargantuan risks it takes to reach to be successful in this outrageously complicated and tight-lipped industry. But in our experience, if you treat others with honesty and integrity, you will find people who feel the same way. Then the true journey begins.

Last year, Brian Halo Varga, Paulo Perez, and Julie Chase found that passion and insanity in each other. They began to see a shift in the direction and potential for the future of underground electronic music: analog gear, vinyl sets, and small, intimate parties were regaining popularity in Europe.   

The West Coast soon followed suit, and they began to notice a real ache in the community.  Though Europe had continued to have a robust vinyl culture through the years, the US has continued to lose record stores and manufacturers.  The growing community of vinyl DJs had to order records from overseas.  That meant higher prices and longer wait times.  

Artifact Record Shop was born out of necessity and fueled by a passion to introduce the most influential artists shaping the fabric of underground electronic today.  Their goal is to bring fantastic music right to your doorstep (literally, they deliver it in person).  The store is an e-commerce destination that provides vinyl-only imprints, carefully curated by the staff, with a boutique-like experience.  They also believe that a major role of a record store is to educate people, in this case the young, but fast growing, San Diego scene, with the history, process, and skills it takes to become a global force.

The store is not only online, though.  Artifact also brings their pop-up experience, complete with listening stations to shows around Southern California.  The stores only last a few hours, but are well worth the trip.  You may be asking, “How do I buy records and carry them around all night while I am dancing?”  The guys at Artifact also have a holding service and will keep them safe until you are ready to go home. 

Most of the Artifact pop-ups have been in collaboration with Cyclone LA, a production group in Los Angeles whose style resembles that of the Romanian underground, but can be found in San Diego as well. 

The Artifact Record Shop recently launched TEXTURE, an event focused on showcasing local and international DJs in an intimate setting.  The parties are capped at 200 people and often feature artists from Brian Halo’s new vinyl-only record label, Muted Noise. Of course, you can find the pop-up open for digging.  Keep up with Artifact on Facebook and Instagram to learn about upcoming pop-ups."

At Clique World Edition II you will be able to  enjoy the genius Vera (Melliflow) on the decks while digging through record gems. 

Buy your advanced tickets now and don't miss it out!



Clique World Edition II presents Vera (Melliflow | Perlon)

Clique World Edition is a special serie of events in which we are focused on bringing Dj's and Producers from all over the world to help on the building of a solid music culture in San Diego.

Heindel's an accomplished producer as well, with records on Cargo Edition, Oslo and Perlon, and past collaborations with Maayan Nidam (as Mara Trax) and Ricardo Villalobos. 

The edition number 2, brings the German grooves again... And we couldn’t get more excited than that. After the remarkable presences of Martinez and Nills Weimann is time to have fun with Vera from Melliflow.

In every event we have, one of our characteristics is to tell a story, to give a meaning and to provide an experience. Not being just a party, but an opportunity to build memories together.

For our Clique World Second Edition, we are thrilled to bring one of the best story tellers of the underground scene. Vera believes the right music at the right moment, seduce and build those found memories at the dance floor.

Vera coming to play in San Diego is an important addition to the newish and growing underground scene in the city. She is admired for delivering sets full of emotion, with an impeccable collection of records and flawless technique on the decks. With releases on labels such as Cargo Edition, Hello? Repeat and Perlon as well her own lebel on partnership with Alexandra- Melliflow.  Vera played at important clubs, like Panorama Bar, Club Der Visionaere, Robert Johnson and Hoppetosse.

"Vera Heindel is a gifted selector with flawless technique. Playing records in the way she does takes skill, yet the casual observer might not realise just how much. Technical proficiency is vital but only part of the picture. Her style requires a deep connection with her records, one that lets her join the dots throughout hours of music to create a fluid, mesmerizing journey for the dance floor. With Heindel on the decks, you might hear shuffling minimal mixed into acid house, or electro into dub techno, bridged by subtle, speedy transitions that never sound rushed or disjointed. You may not realise a new (and very different-sounding) track is playing until long after the old one has been mixed out. It's an ego-free method that puts music above showmanship."

After spending 7 years on the dance floor, Vera started buying records. Later on, Roman Flügel from Alter Ego was one of the first, who invited her to play at Robert Johnson in 2003 and she became Resident DJ at one of Europe's more respected and authentic clubs.

After spending 7 years on the dance floor, Vera started buying records. Later on, Roman Flügel from Alter Ego was one of the first, who invited her to play at Robert Johnson in 2003 and she became Resident DJ at one of Europe's more respected and authentic clubs.

We hope all our friends and everyone in San Diego who has an appreciation for fine music and the underground scene, can come enjoy this moment with us on February 25th.



Urban Jungle - The Journey


Urban Jungle - The Journey

"Concret Jungle" (Masp at Avenida Paulista in São Paulo city, Brazil)

"Concret Jungle" (Masp at Avenida Paulista in São Paulo city, Brazil)

urban jungle (ur-buh n | juhng-g uh l) - non | ur.ban | adjective

The term refers to an URBAN LIFESTYLE, "the street", alleyways, the subway system, inner-city neighborhoods, playgrounds, skate parks, industrial areas, buildings, "the hood", "the Concrete Jungle". 

And it gives birth to UNDERGROUND CULTURE, street ART, urban MUSIC.  

Maybe a dangerous, bewilderingly complex, and fast-paced urban environment; an urban area characterized by ruthless competition, struggle, exploitation, hustle. Or intelligent urbanism: giving rise to equilibrium, sustainable living, urban and nature combined. 

Clique is approaching its three-years presence in the San Diego underground scene. 

During this time, we precisely sought just that: Presence. And now, with our anniversary coming up, we have the final showcase of our very first series: The Urban Jungle

Our first two years were about discovering who we were as an artistic project, the paths we wanted to go, what kind of impact we wanted to cause, and how we would do that. We went on a journey of self-discovering a group with one ultimate goal in mind: to propagate art that inspires and moves us.

It was made clear to us that the journey was also the destination; that what we sought was the movement; and that we would experience a constant metamorphosis that keeps us re-inventing ourselves and the art we want to promote. 

The beginning of our third year was made remarkable by the infusion of new ideas to produce and develop a series of events. We added concept to our creativity, which allowed to build stories along with our expedition through the artsy universe where we wanted to be present. 

The first place we looked for inspiration was within our own stories and lives in the Urban Jungle, a representation of the urban habitat in the concrete jungle where we lived. Our challenges, the hustle to survive, the desperate desire to feel alive in our experiences, and our aspirations to find the balance to thrive as individuals and as a community - our own places in the sun. 

The animal kingdom symbolism embodies our desires: The raw and the sublime of our existence on this planet. We reconciled them with the vibrant city life, the social interactions, the shared street creativity, and the urban dance.  

It all started with the T-rex on the XIX edition. It stood for the beginning of times and ruthless survival instincts. It was green, happy, and it danced like there was no tomorrow in the wild when it arrived. But that was just the beginning of the Clique Jungle.

We traveled deep into the waters for our XX edition with the blue fish. The intention then was to honor the icosahedron - the sacred geometric symbol that inspired our logo. It’s a polyhedron with twenty faces that represents water, movement, change and flow.

The poet Henri Amiel proclaimed once “We are all visionaries and what we see is our soul in things”. This phrase inspired us for our XXI edition to connect with the golden owl to represent our vision: Hail to the wisdom in nature and revere the protection of our dreams. 

The XXII edition was full of mysticism and fun with the red fox, an animal the encourages us to trust our senses and that guide us forward.

With our XXIII get-together, we chose the Rhino as a paradox. “Things are not as they seem”. This animal is known for its aggressive behavior, but for the most part, it is a strong yet passive creature that enjoys roaming wide-open spaces in completive solitude. We as humans are very similar to the Rhino as we also live this same paradox while experiencing life. 

Then comes the white elephant with our XXIV gathering - A call for a closer and more open relationship with the people we cherish. The elephant reminded us that mutual support and love enhances our own abilities to thrive in the physical world. The elephant is a family animal that cares for community, and this represents everyone who is supportive with our Clique dreams and who is essential for this project to flourish.


With the XXV edition, the deer characterized endurance and grace. Known for their travel instincts to continue to explore new paths, it’s also an animal connected with the arts, is highly intuitive, and is associated with visionary people. Our deer was purple - the color of the crown chakra that represents transformation, creativity, and spiritual awareness. 

The Halloween season brought us the black panther. The days of the Hallows is a mystic time of the year in many cultures across the world. For centuries it has been a time associated with transformation and open connection with the spiritual realm between the living and the dead. It’s the sign of the winter coming to the north hemisphere. The black panther was an invitation to face and overcome our fears held within our shadows. And then, fearless and elegantly, we would be allowed to shine in the light.

To wrap up our year-long story, we bring the ferocious king of the jungle: the golden lion, an animal who is known for its majestic symbolism. A relentless fighter in the face of life’s challenges, a reminder of our personal power, courage, and strength in overcoming difficulties and a symbol of pride, cooperation, and confidence. 

Clique 3 Years brings straight from Denmark the producer Martinez (Cocoon | Concealed Sounds)

Clique 3 Years brings straight from Denmark the producer Martinez (Cocoon | Concealed Sounds)

These 3 years have truly been an exciting yet very challenging path for us. The Lion is a perfect figure that signifies why we stand tall and proud of everything we’ve achieved together, and the audacity to keep moving forward.   

The Urban Jungle is the first of many stories that Clique wants to create and tell. Being the first, it will forever hold a very dear space in our hearts. We hope it’ll do the same for everyone who shared in our journey - you were part of it.




Martinez (Cocoon | Concealed Sounds) at Clique 3 Years

Martin Swanstein, better known as Martinez is one of few Scandinavian artists to stamp their mark on house music and techno. The Danish/Swedish producer has built a highly reputable catalogue through a variety of releases on labels including his own imprint, Concealed Sounds, Moon Harbour, Cadenza and Love Letters from Oslo. With four full length albums under his belt, plus an internationally acclaimed DJ reputation, through appearances at Cocoon in Frankfurt, Panorama Bar in Berlin and Amneisa in Ibiza, just to name the tip of the iceberg.

Releasing an album, and playing daytime set's at Panorama Bar (Berlin) it's one of the most exciting experience in his career, says Martinez. 

Releasing an album, and playing daytime set's at Panorama Bar (Berlin) it's one of the most exciting experience in his career, says Martinez. 

At an early age he discovered techno and house music. Since he already played various instruments it was a natural progression to begin producing music himself. He also got into DJing and started hunting down techno records and got into mixing. Some years later, a demo tape earned him the opportunity to develop his production skills in the Wrong Steps studio in Stockholm, where he co-produced some of his own tracks together with the French producer Manuel Perez.

Martinez, was born in 1981 and raised in the southernmost part of Sweden.

Martinez, was born in 1981 and raised in the southernmost part of Sweden.

His earlier work includes remixes for Danish pop/house act Filur as well as Silicone Soul, Jussi Pekka, Dibaba, Spiro Projecto and later Underworld, Luna City Express, Miss Kittin, Mathew Dear & Seth Troxler, Joel Mull, Leon and his remix of Nathan Fake’s “The Sky Was Pink” was a big hit in the DJ world.

Martinez’s sound begun in the deeper & jazzier fields of electronic music. In the middle of 2003 Martinez began to feel a stronger passion for the techier and more experimental sounds of house music. He started to work more with samples and electro-based sounds as well as introducing something he’s coined as “Cosmic House” – a spacey house sound mixing up tech, atmosphere and colorful melodies. Not long after this Martinez received a call from Steve Bug interested in a release on his deep/tech house imprint, Dessous Recordings. This resulted in the “Skywalker EP”, which didn’t disappoint and inspired a whole new side to Martinez’s music, edgier and more twisted, the more so the better!

He also released two tracks on the Berlin based Get Physical label and in 2005 “Shadowboxing” came out on Steve Bug’s new imprint, Audiomatique Recordings. In November that year, Martinez also released a vinyl only album called “Internal Space” on his Out of Orbit imprint. It was praised and played by Sven Väth, John Digweed and Loco Dice to name a few.

Towards the end of 2006 Martinez’s music taste and productions began to develop in new directions again and he ventured deeper into his love for the minimalistic techno oriented sounds. More stripped down and focused on fewer sounds. After a while in the studio experimenting with this sound he launched a new label called: “Re:connected”, an output for Martinez’s more minimal and techno oriented productions. Martinez’s first two releases on Re:connected exploded and were highly supported by major international DJ’s such as: Richie Hatwin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Loco Dice and Miss Kittin.

The Year of 2007 witnessed the continual success of productions in this vein and that year he released his second full length album, “A Chemical Imbalance” in November.

Chemical Imbalance: This release is a modern techno album with influences of ambient, Dub early Deep House, influenced by his love for the label Guidance.

Chemical Imbalance: This release is a modern techno album with influences of ambient, Dub early Deep House, influenced by his love for the label Guidance.

From that point on Martinez’ releases developed more and more towards Minimal Techno, until in 2008 when he returned to a more housy style, kicking off with his release “Momowha”.

Finally, in 2010 Martinez released his third album “The Paradigm Shift” on Moon Harbour Recordings. On this album Martinez rides the perfect balance between Dancefloor and Chillout tunes. 

Mainly influenced by Chicago House, “The Paradigm Shift” also covers Techno, Breakbeat and dubby Downtempo sounds.

Mainly influenced by Chicago House, “The Paradigm Shift” also covers Techno, Breakbeat and dubby Downtempo sounds.

Great skills as a DJ along with impeccable taste, has given Martinez a strong DJ reputation worldwide. He’s often seen in the booths of various quality clubs and parties around the globe. He’s played together with major DJ’s such as Michael Mayer, Miss Kittin, Guido Schneider, Onur Özer, Loco Dice & Sven Väth. 

Martinez will be the main attraction for our 3 Year Anniversary edition presenting in a 3 Hours of Vinyl set the latest tracks of the underground scene from Europe and all over the world. On December 10th, San Diego has the opportunity to see an artist whose level of competence is superb. His ability to impress and reinvent himself has captured our ears which made him the perfect fit for such important date to us.

Why Vinyl?

Some artists know that their audience would love to sit and listen to a needle go through grooves. Some of it is purely for the joy of creating a kind of art object. How beautiful!

Some artists know that their audience would love to sit and listen to a needle go through grooves. Some of it is purely for the joy of creating a kind of art object. How beautiful!

Vinyl is back, no doubt about it. LPs were and remain a potent force in our current musical climate of streaming and digital downloads; 2015 marked the tenth straight year of growth in the American market. According to the most recent Nielsen music report, last year’s performance—12m units sold, grossing a total of $416m—is the best since 1988.

In the last few years we have seen the revival of vinyl records, the renaissance has been so rapid it has caught the companies that press vinyl the disc off-guard.

The sound from the record and the resonance and warmth of it is able to provide certain sounds only and unique to Vinyl.

A lot of labels which focus on electronic music genres still release vinyl. Many of them may ONLY release on vinyl, or only allow certain releases to be pressed to vinyl with no digital distribution. If you want to listen to what is fresh and unique then stepping away from the technology and digging through the crates of your local record shop will give you a chance to clear your mind and focus on pieces of music that really speak to you. You can even shop for records online if you don’t feel like heading out to buy records or look for places where the twelve inch is a mandatory asset (like our Clique events and others).  

Clique XXI - Urban Jungle

Clique XXI - Urban Jungle

The nostalgia market is a very powerful one. As we have seen with books, consumers interact with physical products differently from how they do with digital ones and they are prepared to pay for that privilege. It also creates a new experience for people who were born during the digital age.

Buying records takes lots of time and gets expensive so being picky will help you be more aware of your musical taste and make better choices when buying a disc. It keeps you original! 

Buying records takes lots of time and gets expensive so being picky will help you be more aware of your musical taste and make better choices when buying a disc. It keeps you original! 

Vinyl is resurgent because it gives a better sound, it gives a feeling, it's the opportunity to "touch" the beat, it's dedication to music and with modern music so disposable, it is satisfying to own an actual artifact.

It’s also the ritual of putting the needle on the record and actively listening to the music.

But... Why Vinyl?

Vinyl isn’t only music. It’s an experience - and one that’s priceless. 






Clique Brasil turns 2

The project that have started in San Diego (USA) and was brought to São Paulo (Brazil) is celebrating it's 2 years tonight! 

Clique Brasil is based in São Paulo, the biggest city of the country. 

Clique Brasil is based in São Paulo, the biggest city of the country. 

Clique crew is bringing music & art as the launching of a fashion line collection designed and developed within 100% local resources. 

Talented Djs & Producers of the Brazilian electronic scene will be in charge of the gigs and in order to secure the quality of the tracks their @Funktion-One sound system will be in action.

For the visual arts, Lucas Simões (that just had his master pieces exposed in an exihibiton in New York) will be executing a live art installation. 

Our journey of underground music and art dissemination has just started and there is a lot more to come.

Happy birthday @Clique Brasil, we proudly wish you the best anniversary you could have and many more years to come!

The DJR400 Rotary Mixer is Clique's new baby

In order to keep the quality of our grooves and be more portable at the same time, the DJR400 Rotary Mixer is the new member of a vast family of vinyl and few turn tables. 

The new family member! 

The new family member! 

Our Dj's have tried the new mixer and it sounds fantastic. It's an amazing sounding piece of electronic. It has fat bottom end and very detailed highs. It's absolutely cool to use it. Each function is very well designed and the build quality is solid. 

The DJR400 is a innovative concept of mixer; the idea is to have a mixer that you can carry around wherever you go, a mixer that is easy to set up and that provides the highest quality in sound. You won't need a rack or a long sound check either, just plug and play. You can also control the room’s sound system with its powerful integrated cross over (10 - 300 Hz / 300 - 3000 Hz / 3000 - 25000 HZ).

You can check out the power and live performance of this equipment at our next event (Clique World Edition I). 
Buy your tickets and come to enjoy great music with us!


[clique Brasil] Marcelo V.O.R na Clique 2 anos

Com mais de 20 anos de estrada o produtor segue se reinventando e contribuindo com trabalhos sólidos para o mercado nacional. Alguns profissionais quando alcançam o topo em suas carreiras tendem a ter uma queda de rendimento, esse com certeza não é o caso de Marcello V.O.R.

Mixagens ousadas e precisas marcam a qualidade dos sets de Marcello, DJ desde 94 que  já passou pelos principais clubes, festas e festivais do Brasil e Europa. 

V.O.R residiu em Londres durante 2 anos, onde cursou engenharia de audio no SAE Institute e desde então seu nome é presença constante em line ups de Rimini a Salzburgo, Amsterdam a Estocolmo, Brighton a Berlin, Budapeste a Barcelona. 

Desde então, seu som voltado para a House music com influencias de Deep, Techno e Disco tem chamado a atencão de labels como Renaissance (UK), Toolroom (UK), Ministry of Sound (UK), Sprout (Alemanha), Timbee (Alemanha), Tropical Beats (Brasil), Inminimax Rec (Brasil), Lo Kik (Brasil), Soulman Music (Uruguay), SK Supreme Records (Albania).

Marcello tem como influência nomes como Todd Terry e Masters at Work. Durante suas horas vagas ele curte escutar jazz e blues.

Marcello tem como influência nomes como Todd Terry e Masters at Work. Durante suas horas vagas ele curte escutar jazz e blues.

Seu projeto Velkro, em parceria com o produtor Gabe, foi um grande sucesso na década passada e suas músicas foram tocadas pelos maiores nomes da cena eletrônica mundial. Após alguns anos sem se apresentarem juntos, Velkro está de volta com tudo, com lançamentos previstos para labels como a Kote Records (London) e Electronique UK (Manchester) e suas músicas e parcerias com nomes como Flow & Zeo tem sido tocadas e aprovadas por artistas como Jamie Jones, Wildkats, Miguel Puente e Bubba, entre outros.

Gabe e Marcello V.O.R formam a celebrada dupla de produtores Velkro - donos do selo Zero Eleven.

Gabe e Marcello V.O.R formam a celebrada dupla de produtores Velkro - donos do selo Zero Eleven.

Atualmente ele está a frente da Zero Eleven Music, uma das gravadoras mais fortes do Brasil, e também gerencia um programa de rádio em um canal londrino, somente com convidados brasileiros. 

Marcelo define a música eletrônica dessa maneira: “Trabalho com a musica eletrônica há 21 anos, ela não representa, mas sim, define a minha vida. É o que amo fazer, enquanto tiver saúde, estarei produzindo, tocando, ouvindo, curtindo ou apreciando. É uma forma única de expressão artística.” 

Dia 1º de Outubro, Marcello V.O.R se apresentará na comemoração de 2 anos do projeto Clique no Brasil, realizada no Rex Club no centro de São Paulo. Além de Marcello o evento conta com nomes como Binaryh (o primeiro projeto brasileiro a lançar EP pelo selo alemão Steyoyoke Black), Sassah entre outros. 

Ingressos para o evento no link abaixo. Compre seu ticket e faça parte do movimento!

[Clique Brasil] Lança linha de roupas em seu aniversário de 2 anos


Para comemorar seus 2 anos em terras brasileiras, o movimento Clique Brasil traz em seu evento de aniversário a primeira linha de vestuário.

As camisetas de tecido frio e material 100% algodão, foram desenvolvidas e produzidas todas no Brasil e refletem o life style da cultura minimalista e essência musical underground que o projeto dissemina. As peças são exclusivas e limitadas.

Join The Movement!

Camisetas de alta qualidade, com material 100% algodão. 

Camisetas de alta qualidade, com material 100% algodão. 



Jenny Brewster - Colors, Shapes and Cities

Jenny Brewster has been drawing since childhood. About 5 years ago, she got really serious about her passion. Born and raised in Spokane, WA, Brewster attended  to Art classes at Gonzaga University and finished her junior year in Italy, acquiring a huge inspiration from the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 

Art by: Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1972). The Austrian artist serves as an inspiration to Jenny create her own art work. 

Art by: Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1972). The Austrian artist serves as an inspiration to Jenny create her own art work. 

In 2000, Brewster came to live in San Diego, expanding her knowledge and network in the Art universe. This Saturday (9/10) she’ll bring all her skills and good vibes to Clique XXV. 

Here is what she has to say about her work: 

"I've always loved Art and was into it from a very young age, as far back as I can remember. 

I don't recall what my first piece was, I was so young, but I do remember being fascinated with horses. 

In Italy, I studied different artists and their styles. My favorite was Hundertwasser. His abstract style and bold colors really caught my eye, and that's what I wanted to do: "catch" people's eyes and their feelings. 


"There's Only One" - New York through Jenny's eyes. Can you see the jungle in the city? 

"There's Only One" - New York through Jenny's eyes. Can you see the jungle in the city? 

I'm also in love with cities. They always have a "pulse"!  Life is about maximizing that pulse, and the bold colors in life initiate feelings to compliment that pulse."

"1554" - The art represents São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. The name of the piece is an allusion to the year of birth of the city.

"1554" - The art represents São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. The name of the piece is an allusion to the year of birth of the city.

Brewster in her debuting exhibition will be doing a Live Painting art, this is an excellent opportunity for the art lovers to see a master piece coming alive. 

 Clique XXV brings the best names of the underground music scenario combined with art and good vibes. 

 Don't miss the opportunity of such experience, buy your tickets and Join The Movement. 

Alison Swing: The self-proclaimed "vinyl junkie."

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alison Swing has been a self-proclaimed vinyl junkie.

A student of rhythm, Swing has dedicated herself to exploring sounds that can make a body move, a skill she’s put to use spinning alongside supreme selectors such as Axel Boman, The Black Madonna, Solar, and DJ Sprinkles.

With her curator-in-crime, Masha, she is also a co-founder and resident DJ of Dig Deeper, the party series in-the-know locals flock to for un-Shazamable cuts spanning warm house, euphoric disco, Scandinavian beats, romantic techno, and everything in between—the weirder and funkier, the better.


Dig Deeper is one of LA’s newest emerging party series...

It’s ventured from glittering rooftop to desert poolside to grimy warehouse within the past year alone, playing host to an impressive and thoughtfully curated selection of artists within the underground dance music community.

Masha and Alison were recently ranked by L.A. Weekly among the 20 best Djs in L.A. (Edition of May 2016).

Once one of the city’s best-kept secrets, Swing is slowly but surely filling up her passport with international gigs in Germany, Mexico,  and inevitably, a city near you, right San Diego?

Yes, Alison Swing is one of our musical curators for Clique XXV edition this coming  Saturday, September 10th. She will be showcasing her selected vinyl collection. Don't miss it out, buy your tickets now and Join The Movement!

Alison Swing:

[clique Brasil] O primeiro "GIG" de Eli Iwasa

Eli Iwasa, uma das sócias do Club 88 em Campinas, tornou-se conhecida por organizar o consagrado projeto Technova, no Lov.e Club, por onde passou boa parte da história da  musica eletrônica. Focada com uma rotina agitada, divide suas atividades entre DJ, cantora, dona de club, dona de selo e colunista da revista Dj Mag Brasil. 

Apontado pela imprensa local como figura-chave na cena da música eletrônica no Brasil, sua versatilidade tornou-se uma marca registrada.

Tamanha bagagem resultou numa artista que rapidamente alcançou maturidade e respeito e que, musicalmente, destila suas diversas influências em envolventes jornadas pelo mundo do techno, do house e da sensibilidade feminina.

Eli Iwasa já tocou em alguns dos principais clubs de São Paulo, como D-Edge, Sirena, Pacha, Clash Club, Lions, Lab Club, entre outros. Também se apresentou em festivais de música eletrônica no Brasil como Kaballah, XXXPerience e Universo Parallelo.

Fora do País, ela deixou sua marca no Rex Club e Nouveau Casino em Paris, nos clubs Moog, Macarena e Club 4 em Barcelona, no Club 333 em Londres e na Pacha em Buenos Aires.

Colunista da Dj Mag e eleita uma das 50 melhores DJs na enquete da House Mag em 2010, Eli rapidamente se tornou uma das mais respeitadas e aclamadas DJs de São Paulo.


Nome a frente do Club 88 em Campinas, parte do casting da 24Bit e voz feminina ativa na constante caminhada por um Brasil melhor quando assunto é house e techno, Eli Iwasa conta na reportagem abaixo, produzida pelo grupo Alataj, como foi seu primeiro "GIG" há 15 anos atrás, confira:

Mark E Quark at Clique XXIV

The local legend Dj will be at our Urban Jungle this coming Saturday (August 13th) spinning his selected vinyl collection.  Succumbing to the influences of Industrial music, Acid House and Belgian New Beat, fresh young-hearted Mark Hanson’s alter ego and ambassador for shockingly good music Mark E. Quark was born at age eighteen. With a penchant for putting songs, beats, and lyrics together in ways that gave his listeners starry-eyes and loyal hearts, Mark E. Quark resolved to use his powers of DJ’ing only for good, not evil. However, he also resolved not to ever wear tights, a cape, or a mask at the same time so as to not focus on his superhero DJ status. Quark likes to keep the focus on the music.

Quark (Mark Hanson) recounts countless DJ adventures, including a rave on the streets of L.A. he played with Aphex Twin for the filming of a movie called Strange Days.

Quark (Mark Hanson) recounts countless DJ adventures, including a rave on the streets of L.A. he played with Aphex Twin for the filming of a movie called Strange Days.

With an ability to mesmerize audiences over Radio Waves, Internet Connections as well as any dance floor, Mark E. Quark has lit up audiences all over the world. He has played alongside (and counts among his fans) renowned producers and DJ’s Art Department, Matt Edwards (Radio Slave), DJ Kaos (DFA), Holy Ghost!, Kenny Hawkes, Gemini, Doc Martin, Derrick L. Carter, Onionz, Dan Ghenacia, Ivan Smagghe, JD Twitch, Juan Atkins, Tim 'Love' Lee, Thomas (Rub n Tug), Walter Jones, 40 Thieves, Phil Mison, Pete Herbert, Phil Weeks, Mark Farina, the Wicked crew, Halo, & Richard James (Aphex Twin).

Mark E. Quark’s handwriting can be seen undeniably all over Southern California’s legendary nightlife scene. He was a pivotal force in the foundation of SOMA, Playskool, G-Force and gave assists to San Francisco heavyweight events The Gathering, Basics, By the People's Out Of Sight parties, Stompy Dig In, and Sunset. Quark’s also caused major foot-stomping with his own releases on Hi-Phen (Belgium), Camouflage (US) & Facade (US).

 San Diego Local: Saturday nights at Soma was Quark’s first residency, circa 1989. 

 San Diego Local: Saturday nights at Soma was Quark’s first residency, circa 1989. 

In a pinch, if forced to employ adjectives to describe the Mark E. Quark style, one would come up with words like “groovy, laid back and nasty” house music. But putting grammar aside, it’s reasonable to just say that Quark has internalized influences from DJ Harvey, Idjut Boys, Jeno + early Andrew Weatherall, mashed them up, and given life to a signature style and a creature which is totally unique. This creature is currently brought to life for public consumption on a bi-weekly basis at Moonshake, a collaboration with fellow DJ’s Dr. Indulgent + Bob Dazzla in San Diego.

Be ready for a day full of vinyl tunes, art and good vibes!


David Scuba at Clique XXIV

Raised on a diet of underground house music in the legendary confines of New York’s Twilo during the late 1990s, David Scuba is now coming into his own. At the same time as holding down an arduous day job, he has been an influential A&R for labels like Timeless Groove and Real Music Deal overseeing releases from numerous international names in the past. Now, though, his closest ties lie with the legendary Mr.C and the Superfreq label they run together.

As well as producing his own solo tracks and remixes for the label including Superfreq biggest selling track, David’s remix of Mr.C’s “I’m Gonna Give You Some” which have gone on to be supported by Blondish, Adultnapper and MR C himself at parties across the globe including Sunday School for Degenerates at WMC – he has also released on Riff Raff alongside Mikael Stravöstand, much to the delight of fans including Magda, and has teamed up with Dance Spirit to great effect on their joint Superfreq EP “The Wi_th” earlier this year. David’s excellent remix of Detroit Grand Pubahs “Acid Dreams has just been released on AA Trax & he has remixes of Afro Acid’s Time & Space & Tini Tun & Hugo Ibarra’s “Lovely Girl” due for release in January, as well as remixes for NOSI & also Sagol due in February & March.

David is also the co-owner of Superfreq with Mr.C, where he holds down resident DJ duties on a regular basis. As a DJ his talents spread much further, though, taking in events across the globe (from WMC to DEMF, Resolute New York to Superfreq & Shake It in London) playing alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli and Layo & Bushwacka!

On top of this, David is responsible for promotion, staffing and scouting new locations for Superfreq LA events. One of his crowning glories to date includes arranging an un-announced gig with old friend Loco Dice who invited Marco Carola to play a very intimate 300 capacity show back in 2011.

On this Saturday, August 13th at Clique XXIV David will share his vinyl collection with the San Diego crowd. This will be his second time presentation in a Clique event, his first time was in our XV edition. We are looking forward to have you in our "Urban Jungle" Mr. Scuba!

David Scuba at Clique XV

David Scuba at Clique XV

Check out his stuff at:

"Harmonistic" A Couple of Art

Meet this young, dynamic couple, based in San Diego, collaborating together in harmony, to create vibrant, high energy art.

Spencer is 24 years old from St. Louis, Missouri. His passion for art began at his art classes in high school. He used to be a business major in college but continued to take art classes because that's where he found himself enjoying what he was doing the most. After dropping out of business school, no matter what career path he thought about, he continued to draw and create.

In the past two years, he started to craft of free-hand mandalas. "I've always looked up to street artists such as Shepard Fairey and Kobra. When I met my fiancée, I found myself creating and gifting nothing but art to her. Together we started to create a style of our own." Says Spencer.

The other part of the duo is Razelle. She is a 23 year old ex-military brat. Originated from the Philippines but spent her childhood in Okinawa, Japan where her days were spent drawing cartoon characters primarily from Disney movies and video games.

"I was very self emerged in art, always drawing in my sketchbook, creating DIY projects of my own, but I completely stopped by the age of twelve. That was until Spencer and I crossed paths in 2013. I was very hesitant to reopen and rediscover my true passion and slowly but surely was able to from the influence Spencer had on me. I find therapy in painting, it's my new happy place."

During a trip to New York City together in 2015, the name Harmonistic was created one late night in a Brooklyn Air BnB. They were newly engaged and were really starting to hone in on their craft.

"We love vibrant, positive colors, are mesmerized by mandalas, enjoy street art and look up to iconic people in history." 

The couple will be presenting their art pieces in our XXIV edition. Don't miss it out! Buy your tickets at: 


Got Kubik?

‘Kubik’ concept inspirits spaces with an arrangement of water tanks, light shows and electronic beats. Stacked up tank-walls illuminated in different colors are composed to a piece of stunning architecture, which interacts with the music and mood of the audience.

Kubik Barcelona - Tanks: 279 - Guests: 40.000 

Since 2006 the ‘Kubik’ idea has been celebrated in over 30 cities and transformed for audiences from 200 - 8000 people. This synesthetic concept and unique object of design generates a vibrant sensation for the audience and has been celebrated in the following cities:

Melbourne, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Dubai, Warsaw, Lausanne, Milan, Hamburg, Larz, Munich, Vevey, Vienna, Cologne, Nürnberg, São Paulo and more.

Where does "Kubik" come from?  

Launched in 2006 - The Balestra Berlin team – are an ever evolving interdisciplinary group of Creatives hold together by a core team in our office in Berlin. Widely famous Light Room Installation ‘kubik’ is exemplary for their focus of connecting light, space, environment and sound to create urban spaces around the world. They say that each creative challenge is unique, whether when working for a small arts collective or a global brand.

Kubik Berlin - Tanks: 148 - Guests: 15.000

For more than 8 years Balestra Berlin has been dealing with the synergies between light and art. Co-operations with several light artists proved the need of an agency that offers innovative light installations. 

Balestra Berlin acts as the access point through which light artists interlink with festivals, agencies, consumers and brands to offer new light art experiences.

Kubik in São Paulo - Brazil

Kubik São Paulo is located in the downtown of the City. 

São Paulo was the first city in the American continent to receive the art installation. The project started on beginning of May and the idea was to have only 20 editions in the city and then go to another place, but the concrete jungle got so used to the scenario that Kubik is still happening in the same original place that was installed! The days of operation are  always on Fridays and Saturdays. On Saturday - August 13th - Clique (Brasil) will be represented by our musical curator and resident Dj @Sassah! If you are in "Sampa City" don't miss out the opportunity to feel the #cliquevibe! 


Article Source: 



Techno pioneer Jeff Mills have been expanding the genre’s reach by teaming with orchestras for a decade and says: "You're only limited by your imagination" 

"Just about anything is possible if you can find the map or the blueprint to get there. When you’re working with sound and trying to make people realize a certain thing, creating is one part of it, but you also have to understand people and know how to kind of work on their imagination and work on their senses as well — whether that be through film or art or music. I think you’re only limited by your imagination."

Check the full article at:


“Dancing Weekend”

The West Coast Weekender (hosted between May 13-15) brought talent from across the country to San Diego for underground music fans to enjoy DJ performances from different genres, daytime panel discussions about all the music industry related topics, and expose the different projects in the city - pumping life into the development of the local underground music scene.


For the first time the city has birthed a music conference dedicated to the community of people passionate about the underground sound.  The organizers included, Siesta Records, Soul on Beat, United by Bass, Art of Sound, SD Union, the Deep End and people like Cris Herrera and Oscar & Jessica Poche (I’ll House You, Media Services NYC) who graciously coordinated the logistics, including show production and travel arrangements for artists, panelists, and industry media. 

The Clique Movement was present at the WCW bringing some of finest traces of the art expression and concept found in our monthly events, as well as contributing to the DJ’s line-up with residents Bruno Da Mata and Paulo spinning their hottest specialties. The “Clique Vibe” was set-up at the outside area providing an alternative visual experience for people who had never seen our work, as well as gathering the old school crew who has always been very supportive to our ideas. 


The WCW was also a gateway to the expansion of Clique’s legacy due to the high number of people from out of town - a good amount of them being first timers in California. It was a great honor for the members of Clique to be able to collaborate with the growth of San Diego’s underground music scene, as well as sharing all our passion and dedication to the arts and music with a variety of interesting people.


The saying goes: “big things have small beginnings”, and the organizers of the event had that in mind when the decision was made to undertake the challenging process of putting something of such magnitude together.  From the time the Weekender kicked off with panels moderated by DJ Times and Fusicology to the closing party at the World Beat Center, the event harvest a sense of community with the honest intent to bring people together and introduce to the rest of the country San Diego as a dance music destination.


With community fostered events like the WCW springing up across Southern California, the underground house and techno industry can look forward to a new, innovative, and fresh scene located close to home.




"Painting is My Fuel"

Afeg? - Acrylic on canvas 36' x 48'

Luis Henrique Ferreira Casagrande was born on May 18, 1993, in the Southern State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. 

Casagrande started to explore     painting when he was 13 years old; in which time he started to paint portraits with graphite and charcoal. His curiosity for art grew and he soon bought his first small canvas, a few cans of paint, brushes, and had his mother as posing model for his first piece art. 

Luis began with a hyperrealistic style and migrated to modern expressionism shortly after. 

In 2009, he started to dedicate more time to the art, always supported by his family and friends. 

Luis was a Veterinary student when he decided to switch directions and study Graphic Design. He then left school to dedicate all his time for painting — his biggest inspiration.

Today, his paintings are inspired on expressive faces and bodies in harmony with it's surroundings. 

Freshly relocated to California, Casagrande still explores his art and references by constantly striving to expand his horizons and share his passion in different parts of the globe. 

Clique Movement is proud and honored to host Luis Henrique Casagrande's debut art exposition in California.

Follow his work and his journey on Instagram @Ih_arts

Clique Music - Acrylic on Canvas 48x36